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As a non-profit, you're in a unique role that requires you to manage the information of not only employees, but volunteers and perhaps even a Board of Directors.

Volunteers are often the lifeblood of not for profit organizations. They're like unpaid employees with all the same information management requirements. However, their motivations are different than employees and for that reason it's very important that volunteer contributions are recognized and celebrated.

By keeping track of volunteer birthdays, service history, and significant accomplishments, you'll be in a position to award and recognize significant volunteer milestones.

Volunteer training is also important to manage. Not only is it important to record any education or certificates that volunteers come with, but also to manage any role specific training your organization may have provided. Recertification tracking, so that credentials don't lapse, can be particularly difficult to manage.

Other areas of volunteer management, such as active/inactive status, job titles (yes, even volunteers should have job titles), and emergency contact information, are all areas that require good information management.


  • Easily manage contact information including date of birth, emergency contacts, and notes area
  • Create onboarding and termination checklists. Attach forms such as criminal background checks and waivers
  • Manage credentials and recertification requirements
  • Securely share documents with volunteers and staff
  • Track and manage volunteer roles and years of service
  • Issues module can track significant accomplishments

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