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Checklists are a great way to standardize the onboarding and termination processes. By creating a a checklist, with the appropriate forms attached, you can streamline the process and ensure that no hiring or termination details are overlooked.

A well developed onboarding process serves many purposes:

  • it ensures that no important details are overlooked and builds quality and reliability into the process
  • an organized and streamlined onboarding process gives new recruits a positive impression and sets the stage for success
  • a well developed termination checklist can minimize disruption and help ensure company property is returned
  • by developing checklist termination processes that comply with relevant labour legislation, you can help protect your company against employment related legal issues


Fully customizable checklist features allows for multiple checklists, with to-do items in the order you specify

  • Easily create job specific master checklists that can be applied to employees, subcontractors, or volunteers.
  • Attach all your standard forms like taxation, health enrolment, and confidentiality agreements
  • Allow for employee access so that completed forms can be uploaded directly to the employee file.
  • Incomplete items are clearly indicated, providing a handy 'to-do' list

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