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Company Files

Document Sharing

Centralized document sharing can work wonders for a company's productivity. It's a great way to ensure that everyone has the documents they need, when they need them, and that they are using the latest version.

When planning your document sharing strategy, consider what should be private and what should be public. Sort your private documents as you see fit, but a well thought out folder structure for public documents will make life easier for everyone.

Also consider file size and type, and policies around file management. You don't want your drive space filling up with videos or music files, unless of course that's the business you're in.


  • Share files such as company manuals, injury forms, expense forms, or any other document.
  • Make them public within your organization or keep them private for your use only.
  • No company network is required to share files between offices.
  • Employees can upload and share files too

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