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Issue management is a challenging area of employer/employee relations, but there are some very good reasons employers should properly document workplace issues:

  • well documented personnel issues provide employers a basis for effective performance evaluations. When it's time for the annual performance appraisal, supervisors have clear and concrete examples to share with employees. Supervisors should record both positive and negative issues so that they can reinforce good performance as well as discuss areas for improvement.
  • company wide trends are also important to understand. Good issue documentation can help employers better understand trends such as safety issues, lateness or absenteeism, or any other trend you'd like to capture and analyze.


  • Use the Issues module to keep track of workplace occurrences such as:
    • health and safety incidences
    • punctuality
    • disciplinary
    • positive performance issues such as excellent customer service
  • Customizable Issue categories allow you to capture issues that are important to your organization.
  • Attach doctor notes, accident reports, and follow up reminders. Reminders automatically show in your Dashboard.
  • Date and User stamps provide for audit trail and lend credibility to employment records during disputes and legal actions.
  • Employee and company wide issue reports can help you understand and manage workplace trends.

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