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Performance Evaluations


Love them or hate them, performance appraisals are a key tool that human resource professionals use to encourage employee growth.

There are three main considerations when developing and delivering performance evaluations:

  • evaluations should be based on job performance relative to a specific job description
  • the evaluation should be fair and transparent. The evaluation mechanism (the form you use) should be shared with employees well before the evaluation date so they can understand desired behaviours
  • Supervisors should take notes throughout the year so that feedback is accurate and meaningful. The Issues Module can be a handy tool to quickly and accurately capture employee work habits.
  • Good evaluations are fair, transparent, and aimed at improving the employee and the environment in which they work.


  • There's no need to modify your existing performance appraisal forms. Simply upload your completed appraisal forms and record the time period of the evaluation.
  • Future evaluation dates are flagged on your dashboard for quick and easy reminders.
  • When it's time for the next round of performance appraisals, you can easily download the prior appraisal and compare improvements and goals.
  • Allow employee access to encourage staff to work towards their goals throughout the year

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