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Time Bank

Time Bank

Time tracking is one of those housekeeping processes that must be done accurately and transparently. Nothing creates employee dissatisfaction as quickly as overtime and vacation discrepancies.

Policies around overtime, sick time, and vacation time should be clearly communicated to all staff upon their hire and these processes should be followed by all staff.

Traditional time tracking systems, often done via spreadsheet, word documents, or honour system, usually fail to provide the level of transparency that employees desire.

A web based application, with employee viewing privileges, can lend credibility, fairness, and accuracy to your current process.


  • No need to modify your existing timesheet process. Use the time module to capture overtime, sick, or vacation time.
  • Share this module with employees to allow them to view their banked time
  • Totals are summarize annually and over multiple years to allow for carry over option
  • Collapse and expand option allows for summary view and detailed views
  • Add notes and attachments to back up overtime, sick days, or vacation approvals

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