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/ month

Up to 25 employees

2GB of storage space

Access to all modules

Up to 75 employees

5GB of storage space

Access to all modules

Up to 200 employees

25GB of storage space

Access to all modules

Up to 1000 employees

40GB of storage space

Access to all modules

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Data Encryption

We use industry standard 256 bit SSL encryption, ensuring your information is encrypted and secure from eavesdroppers.

Dedicated Servers

A lot of companies use shared hosting services or third party cloud services. We think that's wrong. It's like not knowing who your neighbours are. Instead, we use our own powerful dedicated servers to support the application and protect your data. We do daily, weekly and monthly automated backups.


Our data centre boasts 99.9% uptime with a Carrier class 30 Gbit connectivity backbone. Backup generators, battery packs, connectivity redundancy, and enterprise hardware and software ensures your data is available when you need it.

Login Access

You control login privileges. You can easily enable and disable logins for all, none, or a select group of employees.

User Defined Roles

You establish the roles of supervisors, department heads, and HR assistants. You can allow them access to view, edit, or manage records.

Who can see my info

Only your employees or other people that you specifically assign access privileges can see your data. Our sales or technical support cannot access your files unless you give us specific permission (an authorization form signed by you is required).

All hrmonize staff are required to pass strict security clearances and adhere to our code of conduct

Who is HRmonize

As a human resource management firm, we've been assisting small businesses for over 20 years. We've created employee interview processes, we've handled onboarding, we've developed performance systems, and we've managed employee records. What we've noticed is that most small businesses lack the experience or the system to properly manage the various bits of information related to their employees. That led to the creation of hrmonize. We hope you enjoy using the software.

Can we pay monthly? Can we change packages?

Absolutely. In fact, our package structure is based on monthly invoicing. You can cancel or change your package at any time, paying (or getting refunded) the difference.

Can I get my data out of HRmonize

You can download a mini-site at anytime of any or all employees. This mini-site is a fully functional read only website that you can use and store on your desktop computer.

How do I cancel my account

You can cancel your account at any time by logging into your account. Select the "Settings" tab, Plans and Billing, Cancel my account. Before you go, you might want to save a mini-download of all your employee files to your desktop for future offline use.